So today's topic is a hard one for me because personally I feel Friendship is different to each individual person. I've learned that some truly value "friendship" and some just use the word to get what they want/need.

I feel that people don't find out who their true/real friends are until the "shit" hits the fan so to speak. Also I feel that things said between friends need to stay between friends. unfortunately everyone doesn't think/feel the same as me. So for me IF and I mean IF I call you FRIEND that truly means something.

I have a very vary small circle. I keep it small for a reason. Its also very important to KNOW the people that you call friend. I mean you can't tell your secrets to a motor mouth, you can't have a heart to heart conversation with a heartless person. It would be like talking to a wall and what's the point in that. Personally for me I do have a problem with opening my self to people at First and once I get to know that person then I act accordantly, even then Its hard for me to talk to people. So for me I write in a Journal. I keep it in my room next to my bed and that's who I "talk" to and tell my secrets to LOL. I also go to therapy and I see a psychiatrist. I have come to learn that I don't have all the answers so having them makes me feel at ease/peaceful. I feel like this was just me rambling about random things in my mind today but I'm glad I got it out. I've come to see that there will be no rhyme or reason to my blog it will totally represent me in every aspect of the word I am allover the place in my head and this is great way to get my thoughts and feeling out of me in a constructive manner. and if it helps someone along the way then Amen if not it helps me and for now that's enough.

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