So Excited!!!!!!!

I met someone who also makes Jewelry!!! She works with Wire and my wire skills need work lol. We are planning on making something together and I can't wait!! Let me explain... I don't have many friends in my life and the friends I do have don't bead. So that means I don't have someone to share my projects with, bounce Ideas off of, get feed back, share when I find sales, cool pieces, you know what friends do. It gets lonely, and I feel like I'm boring my friends when I talk about beading. Plus I don't think they really get it (why I started beading I mean). My new beading buddie also started beading/crafting as a way to help with depression, so she understands, we are coming from the same place its easy to talk to her and that is the best part because I don't let people in. Its hard for me to get close to someone I have a kind heart and it hurts when people let you down. But so far that is nothing I need/have to worry about I'm Just happy to have a new friend!!! Yes I will be showing off our wonderful creations.!!!

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