We had a Sad day but Joy comes in the Morning

on January 4, 2022 we put my Uncle to rest. He was only 68 years old and totally healthy.

He got Covid and ended up in a Hospital that did NOTHING to help him I stand on if he was never sent to that Hospital he would still be here! Its sad that Racial Discrimination is so bad that you do not help your fellow man out because of the color of his skin. It Truly saddens me and someone who served your country. He was such a wonderful person full of love and joy. They say that we are known by our fruits, well if that's case my Uncle was the whole tree. He was there for each of our births children, nieces and nephews, he was the first person to hold us. My Uncle was my Brother's God Father and he named my brother after him (he had no son) and my Grandad. This Man Lived and Breathed the word. I honestly have no doubt that he is in heaven right now getting on God's nerves with all his questions (lol). The Family Kids used to call him uncle excitement, because he was so full of energy and always ready to go! So I could only imagine how excited he is to be there and with my Grandmother & Grandfather again!!!, OH!!! His Older Brother they are together again. The more I think of how sad I am the more I remember his words and the sadness is slowly going away...but I miss him. No we did not talk every day but I knew if I needed him he was there. I always considered my Uncles to be my Superhero's and I thought I was the coolest kid because I had my very own Batman, Superman, and Spiderman! Now all I have left is Spiderman. My Uncle taught me how to Pray, he planted a seed, then he would watch and help that seed grow and if the ground the seed was planted on ended up not so good ground this man would dig it up!! He did not give up on us! so With A Heavy Heart I Say Until We Meet Again I Will Not Forget, And I Will DO My Best to Make You Proud of Me! I LOVE YOU ENOCH

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